Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is a food grade product from fresh coconut meat which is dried, defatted and finely grinded to produce the flour. It is a high-quality protein product that is processed at regulated temperature and pressure without any chemical treatment and preservatives. It has a low fat content of 10% and mesh size 80. Coconut flour is cream colored, has bland taste. The fatty acid content of coconut flour is mostly lauric (48.4%0 and myristic acid(19.78%). Unlike wheat flour, coconut flour offers a good amount of essential amino acids.


  • Provides the limiting amino acids in baked products
  • Good source of fiber due to its high dietary fiber content (40 %)
  • Increases yield of baked products at 14-28% dough weight
  • Enhances the flavor of most products (chocolate, vanilla, etc)
  • Less nutty odor due to reduced oil content
  • Improves the texture of baked products
  • Reduced product cost, through added yield
  • Increased water absorption capacity
  • Volume enhancement
  • Ideal for formulating supplemental feeding products

  • Packaging

  • Packed in 1kg, 10 kg, 40 lb polyethylene lined multi-layer Kraft paper bags. Storage and Shelf Life Room Temperature at 82-93F. Stores 6 months at room temperature.