Phildesco Inc importer of Coconut Products from the Philippines

Established in 1933 (and incorporated 1966), Phildesco Inc is in the business of importing quality coconut-based products from the Philippines. The company's primary goal is the marketing & distribution of "Phildesco" brand coconut products and "Sweetcote" brand of both sweetened & toasted desiccated coconut currently distributed within North & Central America.

Phildesco serves a diverse customer base consisting of the Health, Confectionery, Bakery, Cereal, Dairy and Beverage industries through its extensive network of food brokers and distributors. Distribution points include ports located in New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, California and Oregon serving North America.

Phildesco's exclusive supplier in the Philippines has been producing quality coconut-based products for nearly a century. Our company has consulted with and worked closely with the supplier for over five decades; forging a unique, collaborative and trusted relationship.

Since inception Phildesco and its Philippine supplier, have been Socially Conscious and more recently Environmentally Sustainable by actively supporting the local community with education & healthcare programs; including assisting the region's coconut farmers with social, environmental and economic development programs. (Note: Refer to the "Fair Trade Program" section/ information on the company's website

Phildesco's offerings have grown over the years to include a comprehensive range of quality coconut products from desiccated coconut and coconut milk/cream, to virgin coconut oil and coconut flour, and now creamed coconut butter, coconut water and coconut sugar.

Fair Trade Program

Phildesco Inc. is a Fair Trade Company

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      Economic Development:

    • Premium price to organic farmers
    • Improving workers' conditions
    • Workers' Productivity Scheme based incentives

    • Social Development:

    • Educational Support
    • Healthcare Support

    • Environmental Development:

    • Organic coconut maintenance
    • Coconut seedling for replanting

    • Fair Trade Promotion:

    • Farmers
    • Consolidators
    • Workers
    • Logistical suppliers
    • Support Industries

Fully Certified

Our manufacturing standards have been and are of the highest quality; complying with and surpassing the latest USDA & USFDA regulatory standards & requirements (e.g. bio-terrorism, 3rd party audits, food traceability systems, etc.) In addition to Kosher, Organic and Fair Trade certifications we are  also HACCP approved and ISO certified.

Through our years of expertise, know-how and innovation, Phildesco is strongly committed to providing the first class service and support our customers deserve: from point of purchase to final destination.